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10 LinkedIn Summary & Bio Examples to Help You Create Your Own

Dushko Talevski Posted by Dushko Talevski in Use Cases 13 min read

Check out 10 great LinkedIn summary examples that will inspire you to write a perfect bio that will capture the attention of all your profile visitors.

Your LinkedIn summary is more than just a professional bio—it’s a personal billboard showcasing your achievements, skills, and what makes you unique. For that reason, you must write a good one, and we’ll inspire you with some of the best ones out there.

After all, standing out is key, and a compelling LinkedIn summary can be the difference between being overlooked and catching the eye of potential employers.

So are you ready to transform your LinkedIn profile into an irresistible magnet for opportunities? Dive into these 10 standout LinkedIn summary examples!

What is a LinkedIn summary and why is it important?

First things first: Your LinkedIn summary is the ‘About’ section located near the top of your LinkedIn profile. You can use it to introduce yourself to potential employers and clients by talking about your professional experience and the skills you garnered.

Most users typically utilize this summary section to define themselves in their own words without having to structure the text with dates, titles, and headings.

However, you can use a maximum of 2,600 words to do so. That said, LinkedIn allows you to also add your top skills, which will appear below your summary.

Remember, your summary acts as your personal pitch and should highlight what makes you a unique and valuable professional. It comes with several benefits:

  • Enhanced visibility & branding—a well-crafted summary boosts your profile’s searchability while establishing your professional identity, making it easier for recruiters and contacts to find and remember you;
  • Effective first impression & engagement—it serves as your introduction, setting the tone for your profile, and engaging visitors with a glimpse into your personality and professional ethos;
  • Networking & career opportunities—by articulating your goals and showcasing your achievements, you attract relevant industry connections and open doors to potential job offers or collaborations;
  • Professional storytelling—the summary allows you to narrate your career journey, highlight key accomplishments, and share your career aspirations succinctly, making your profile more compelling.

The more effort you put into writing an inviting and impressive LinkedIn summary, the easier you’ll capture your visitors’ attention and land your dream job.

Check out these 10 best LinkedIn bio examples!

You can write an outstanding summary of your previous jobs in many different ways, and we’ve gathered numerous examples to show you that.

Here are 10 standout summaries from experts across diverse industries and positions, which you can check out to see what makes them exceptional.

1. Karen Abbate uses a numbered list to show off the best things about her

Karen Abbate LinkedIn summary example

Karen is an SVP and Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson with a stellar LinkedIn summary section in terms of both achievements and formatting.

She simply decided to list all her greatest accomplishments and structure them around a fun anecdote of how she came to work in her industry.

When reading her summary, her profile visitors feel like they are having a chat with her over a cup of coffee, while exchanging life stories.

What lines did we like?

  • First off, the numbered list as it always lends a structure to any piece of writing.
  • “I’ve created campaigns for more iconic brands than you can shake an iPhone at.”
  • “I love every freakin’ thing about the web.”

2. Adam Buchbinder has written a very passionate LinkedIn summary

Adam Buchbinder LinkedIn summary example

This VP of Sales and Marketing US K-12 at Boclips takes us on a brief yet vivid journey of his academic and professional experiences in life, starting with his passion for studying education.

Adam then recounts his first job description and how he used it to climb to a respectable position from which he helped the company grow immensely.

Lastly, he touches upon his most important personal characteristics, from his communication and writing skills to his ability to overcome challenges as part of a team.

What lines did we like?

  • “I developed a passion for education and a vision to make literacy accessible for every student.”
  • “I have been responsible for over 90% of the company’s sales.”
  • “I am driven by the mission to support teachers and advance opportunities for all students.”

3. Tanmoy Saha has a very down-to-earth approach when connecting

Tanmoy Saha LinkedIn summary example

Tanmoy tries his hardest to show everyone that he is one of them by sharing all the things he loves in life. Plus, his readers know that he’s here to help them on their journey.

As for diversity, Tanmoy lets his readers know that they’ll hardly find anyone more accepting than he is. After all, he has traveled all over the world to meet people from everywhere.

One thing that everyone will undoubtedly like about his summary is that it’s jargon-free and shows his proven track record. That is, he doesn’t use industry buzzwords meant for hiring managers; he writes with simple and approachable English to be understood by everyone.

What lines did we like?

  • “I am super Desi when it comes to Cricket and Bollywood.”
  • “I circumnavigated the world to more than 45 countries.”
  • “If you are nice, I will go out of my way to help you.”

4. String Nguyen lets her creativity shine through in her bio

String Nguyen LinkedIn summary example

What else would you expect from a person whose job involves creating magnificent worlds and characters than a LinkedIn summary that tells you all about it?

Well, you’ll be welcomed by a rollercoaster of a story describing String’s rise from a KFC chick to the founder of a multi-million brand called Chubbiverse.

However, after telling you all about her ups and downs, she still ends her story with a warning, a witty remark, and top advice: you have to work for it, but it pays off!

What lines did we like?

  • “I went from a KFC chick to building a multi-million brand, Chubbiverse.”
  • “In the Chubbiverse, we’re spreading giggles and good vibes.”
  • “Never stop being creative and finding your ‘something’.”

5. Katrina O. speaks with the voice of a veteran fiction writer

Katrina O. LinkedIn summary example

Katrina has a way with words similar to experienced novel writers as she hooks you straightaway with four simple words: “I caught fire coding”.

Then she proceeds to tell us about her initial dreams and hopes that helped her see that she wants out of life once—that’s a good LinkedIn summary right there.

Finally, she found coding! It just clicked with her skills and personality. Untangling the endless lines of code with creativity and patience is what she fell in love with. Nowadays, she’s learning new languages as an avid reader grabbing book after another one.

What lines did we like?

  • “I caught fire coding.”
  • “The spark I was missing ignited the instant I clicked play on my first Python tutorial video.”
  • “I’m moldable, but I still keep my creative flare intact.”

6. Fernando Silva gets down to business right off the bat

Fernando Silva LinkedIn summary example

Fernando has the shortest bio here but that doesn’t stop him from making an impact or talking about his job history at all—both of which he has in abundance.

While reading the three lines he has put underneath his profile picture, people feel like getting to know him for the first time in a casual setting.

What’s more conducive to good conversation than a relaxed atmosphere with a drink in your hand and sharing stories of your likes and dislikes? Rarely a thing!

What lines did we like?

  • “A city dweller who loves to travel.”
  • “Nothing satisfies me more than meeting new people.”

7. Laszlo Bock is a people person showing us how HR should be done

Laszlo Bock LinkedIn summary example

Entrepreneur and business leader Laszlo Bock is part of LinkedIn’s invite-only Top Voices program, where the foremost experts gather to share their knowledge.

His LinkedIn profile summary is likewise on the professional side as it’s drier than the rest and utilizes a third-person narrative. The effect? Credibility and professionalism.

In two brief paragraphs, Lazslo presents us with his professional exploits of how he co-founded two successful businesses and helped grow Google from a $6 billion to a $90 billion company. The last line covers his philanthropic endeavors, which is a huge personal boon!

What lines did we like?

  • “Laszlo built and led Google’s people function for more than 10 years.”
  • “His NYT-bestselling “Work Rules!” has sold more than 500,000 copies.”
  • “He has donated 100% of the proceeds to charity.”

8. Damilare Odueso has broken every barrier imaginable to achieve so much

Damilare Odueso LinkedIn summary example

Digital business strategist, growth expert, and youth ambassador are just a few of Damilare’s many professional titles, which he worked hard to attain!

He starts off with a wonderful story from his childhood that puts his curiosity on full display—he used to dismantle toys and gadgets to understand how they work. From each experiment, he learned a great deal to understand what he did wrong and how he can improve.

That’s how he has been leading his professional life: learning from his and others’ mistakes and successes to build his human-centric approach to life and work.

What lines did we like?

  • “Growing up, I would dismantle every toy/game/gadget at sight.”
  • “I would attribute my greatest wins to my extremely inquisitive nature.”
  • “You will find me observing how people meet their daily needs.”

9. Ted Schachter succinctly covers the essence of marketing

Ted Schachter LinkedIn summary example

Like Fernando, Ted is stingy with his words, but that doesn’t mean he has nothing to say!

As a matter of fact, Ted starts us off with an inspirational take that everyone can learn how to market themselves and their business, and he has the secret to success!

What’s that? You might ask. Hard work and the willingness to stay at the knife’s edge of marketing trends and technologies. You need the latest tools to make it work!

What lines did we like?

  • “No one is inherently “bad” at marketing.”
  • “My job is to be up-to-date on the latest consumer trends.”

10. Gijo Mathew lists everything that he loves and does briefly and efficiently

Gijo Mathew LinkedIn summary example

He nails the opener as he compresses everything he loves and knows doing in two brief sentences. Then, he covers all the positions he has held throughout his career.

We finally get to the good part: all the things he has learned are beautifully presented in three brief bullet lists, each focusing on one aspect of his expertise.

Last but not least, he talks about his personality and sends out an open invitation for anyone to contact him to chat about tech, software, and baseball.

What we like about it:

  • “I love to dig into customer problems and solve them with modern technology.”
  • “I put the customer at the center of all that I do.”
  • “I am constantly learning because I never settle.”

Writing a captivating LinkedIn summary: Tips & Tricks

We absolutely love the summaries above as they are the perfect combination of substance and style and they work well despite their vastly different approaches. If you are a job seeker looking to write something just as good, follow some or all of these practices:

  • Start with a strong opening statement that captures your educational background, professional identity, and core strengths;
  • Tailor your professional experience and job descriptions to align with your career goals, focusing on relevant achievements;
  • Prioritize and list your top skills, especially those in high demand within your industry. After all, the most relevant information must be visible at all times;
  • Quantify your achievements with specific examples and metrics to provide context and impact;
  • Incorporate a personal touch by sharing your professional motivations or unique aspects of your career journey;
  • Ensure your summary is tailored to your target audience, reflecting the language and expectations of your industry;
  • Optimize your summary for LinkedIn search by including relevant keywords related to your skills and industry;
  • Include testimonials or endorsements from colleagues and clients to add credibility and a personal recommendation;
  • Keep your summary concise and engaging, aiming for a balance between professionalism and approachability;
  • Regularly update your summary to reflect your current professional status and achievements so you show that you follow your industry during your job interviews.

It’s simple: read through our fantastic examples, consider these tips and tricks, and you’ll have yourself a dazzling hit in no time at all!

Remember: an optimized LinkedIn summary can go a long way to impressing potential employers as it showcases your personal details in an impactful way.

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Conclusion: The best LinkedIn summaries teach a lot!

Standout LinkedIn summaries go beyond a professional obligation—they are a narrative that encapsulates your career and ambitions, making you memorable to your audience.

By drawing inspiration from the best LinkedIn summaries, job seekers can showcase their skills and dreams, playing a pivotal role in unlocking new opportunities and expanding their network. Also, you can find and rely on a LinkedIn summary template to get you started.

Ultimately, your summary is a potent tool in your professional arsenal, serving not just to distinguish you but also to foster valuable connections and opportunities. And if you add a ‘Visit my website’ link to your LinkedIn profile you can even show them your entire portfolio.

As you craft your own LinkedIn summary, focus on authenticity and purpose, setting a solid foundation for your journey and the relationships you’ll build along the way.


What makes a great LinkedIn summary?

A great LinkedIn summary is one that clearly and concisely articulates your professional identity, achievements, and goals. It should reflect your personality and professional ethos, making use of strategic keywords for visibility, and showcasing your unique value proposition to engage the reader and stand out in a competitive job market.

What is a good hook for a LinkedIn summary?

A good hook for a LinkedIn summary captures the reader’s attention by presenting a compelling question, a bold statement about your professional achievements, or a unique aspect of your career journey. It should immediately convey your value and pique curiosity, encouraging further reading.

What is an example of a career change summary on LinkedIn?

An example of a career change summary on LinkedIn might read: “From a decade in graphic design to embracing the dynamic world of digital marketing, I blend creative vision with data-driven strategies to craft compelling brand stories. Leveraging my design expertise and newfound passion for marketing analytics, I’m poised to bring a unique perspective to the digital marketing realm.”

How do I make my LinkedIn bio stand out?

To make your LinkedIn bio stand out, personalize it with a compelling narrative that showcases your unique professional journey, including specific achievements and the impact of your work. Use a mix of industry-specific keywords and creative language to enhance visibility and engage readers. Finally, include a professional photo and customize your headline to reflect your expertise and aspirations, making your profile memorable and distinctive.