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features for a link in bio page
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built-in .link domains registration

Set your social page on your own .link domain

Hosting your social media page on a third-party domain can be incredibly risky. You could end up in a situation where the third party decides to take down your page, their domain gets banned, or they go out of business entirely. All of these issues can leave you with no link-in-bio page and potentially damage your brand.

TikTok and instagram integration

Sync and link all your TikTok and Instagram posts automatically

Feedlink has direct integration with the TikTok and Instagram APIs, and it will sync all your latest posts so you can tag them with external links. Plus, the system can recognize if there is a link in the caption of the posts and tag it automatically, so you won’t need to do it manually. Cool right?
Sync instagram and tiktok in a link in bio site
Social media newsletter

social media newsletter

Generate a newsletter from your TikTok and Instagram posts

Create a newsletter that automatically sends your latest updates from TikTok and Instagram. Once activated, it updates automatically and sends to your subscribers’ list.

This means no more manual setup or testing of email newsletters ever again!

advanced analytics

Get detailed insights about page views, link and post clicks

When it comes to making the most out of your social media presence, understanding how well the links in your bio page are performing is key. By exploring the link in bio page views, you can get a detailed insight into which links and TikTok videos or Instagram posts are getting the most clicks. This data can be used to inform future content creation and help you get the most out of your link in bio page

templates library

Go live in seconds with a pre-built template

link in bio page template 2

For musicians

view template >​

link in bio page template 2

For gamers

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link in bio page template 1

For creators

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Link in bio template for shops

For small business

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more features

More than a link in bio page. A complete creators’ tool

Header styles

Make your page stand out by choosing from different header styles. 

Social media icons

Add social media icons block with links to all your social profiles.

Vimeo block

Insert a Vimeo block and showcase an embedded video from Vimeo.

YouTube block

Add a YouTube block and display a video from YouTube.

Subscription block

Insert an email block and collect subscribers’ emails. 

Custom backgrounds

Add backgrounds to your header or upload an image for your entire page.

CTA button

Add a top-page CTA button and customize its color to fit your overall design.

Link groups

Make groups of your links and categorize for easier navigation.

EmbedForms block

Create custom forms with EmbedForms for free and embed them in the page.

EmbedSocial widgets

Add EmbedSocial’s block to embed social media feeds or reviews widgets.

Color themes

Choose the overall color appeal of your page from pre-built color palettes.  

Custom CSS

Use Custom CSS to customize the look of the entire page.

Links scheduling

Publish or unpublish links automatically by scheduling. 

Link styles

Change link styles to links with an image overlay, a description, or an icon.

Free SSL certificate

All your .link pages will have a default SSL certificate that is free.

Export subscribers

Option to export all the subscribers and their emails in a CSV format.


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