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7 Ways To Use Instagram Link in Bio To Increase Traffic In 2024

Discover the top strategies to leverage your Instagram link in bio for boosting traffic in 2024

Nikola Bojkov Posted by Nikola Bojkov in Use Cases 11 min read

Instagram link in bio page use cases

Utilize your Instagram link-in-bio section to lead your social media followers to all the info, tools, and resources they need!

Ever since modern brands and businesses started relying on social media to boost their reach and influence, ‘Link in bio’ has become their favorite catchphrase.

In essence, link-in-bio is a feature offered by social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok that acts as a gateway to the brand’s most important content.

As such, your link-in-bio section is your most valuable tool for funneling followers to your sales channels, and below we tell you the best ways to do that!

So keep on reading to learn how to efficiently drive traffic to your sites and stores and all the content and info you want to share about your business.

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You might have guessed it from the name:

Instagram link in bio is the clickable URL you can add to your Instagram profile page and redirect your users elsewhere. The main reason to use link in bio on Instagram is the fact that you can’t add links to posts and videos.

Read more what link in bio means.

Here is how to add links on your Instagram posts with Feedlink:

Brands and businesses typically lead their followers to their main website, various product pages, blog content, or even various support and contact forms.

As such, Instagram’s link-in-bio feature has become an essential tool for modern entrepreneurs, influencers, content creators, and all kinds of businesses—it allows them to provide their visitors and potential customers with everything they need.

For instance, check out how Venture North—a Scottish travel agency—utilizes its Instagram link-in-bio to help users find every important destination:

Forbes Instagram link-in-bio section

As you can see, visitors can quickly navigate to Venture North’s official site and check out all the latest events and itineraries offered by the agency. That way, they increase engagement rates and maintain user interaction across numerous platforms. In effect, your link-in-bio functions as a bridge between your Instagram presence and your main sales channels.

Learn how creators are using their link-in-bio tools to get inspired!

Once you find and set up your Instagram link-in-bio section, it’s time to put it to work, and there are several uniquely effective methods to do just that:

1. Showcase your latest content

One very important link you can add to your Instagram bio links is the one leading to your blog or other pages housing your most important and original content.

For instance, if you are a YouTuber, you need to lead your followers to your main YouTube channel, or if you are an artist—to your portfolio. Remember: the sooner your fans find your main content destination, the better for your brand and business growth.

However, you must regularly post new content to keep your audience interested, and you can inform them via Instagram stories or posts when you add anything new.

For instance, here’s how GameSpot—an industry leader in the gaming sphere—redirects leaders to click on the link in their bio to access the full content:

GameSpot Instagram post with a link in bio CTA

2. Promote exclusive offers and deals

Online retailers and other types of brands selling via the internet love using the Instagram bio landing page to host all their latest exclusive offers, deals, and giveaways.

The idea is simple: create eye-catching visuals, include a clear call-to-action, and post your latest exclusive via both an Instagram post and a story. That way, you’ll interest your customer base to click on the link found in your link-in-bio section to learn more.

National Geographic’s link-in-bio, for example, opens up on their bio store, and the first thing visitors see is a 30-day digital subscription offer to Nat Geo Premium:

National Geographic link-in-bio store

3. Highlight user-generated content

Since user-generated content (UGC) is a powerful way to establish trust and credibility with your audience, you should use every chance you get to promote it.

Well, you can add a customizable link in your Instagram bio that leads customers to a custom landing page where you have collected and showcased all your best UGC. That way, everyone can see the satisfaction and loyalty your brand inspires in others.

You can highlight everything from embedding Google reviews and testimonials to customer-submitted photos and videos of your products and services in action.

4. Drive traffic to your online store

An effective way you can utilize your Instagram bio link is by driving traffic to your online store. This strategy can increase your sales and revenue numbers.

To make this method successful, you must include the same direct link on individual posts and in your link-in-bio section, which ultimately leads to your online store.

You can also use enticing posts or stories showcasing your latest products that will encourage your viewers to follow the link and access your unique store page.

As an example, Calvin Klein includes a link to a unique link-in-bio page full of product images worn by models—each of which links back to their official store:

Example of the Calvin Klein link in bio shop

5. Share upcoming events or webinars

Are you organizing an event, webinar, or workshop? Well, you can tell your Instagram followers about it through a link in your bio leading to the corresponding landing page.

However, you must also create an eye-catching post and/or story that will showcase the benefits of attending the event and invite them to click on the link. Urge followers to register using the link in your bio so they don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Once they land on your event page, give them all pertinent information, from the time and date of the event to the topics being discussed, and introduce the speakers.

Josh Pugh, the man behind ‘America Josh’—a one-stop destination for travelers moving to America—has a fantastic link-in-bio page with all kinds of info (including events):

American Josh link-in-bio page with an event block

6. Support a cause or charity

Do you want to tell your customers about worthy charity or cause to follow?

Easy! Just put the corresponding link showcasing your support in your bio section. You can even direct them to visit the organization’s donation page or petition.

Remember: brands are crucial in inspiring greater participation in charitable causes since they often have a significant and loyal following ready to listen to them.

Plus, if you commit to supporting charities of any kind, you demonstrate your brand’s value and social responsibility, which does wonders for customer retention.

Here is an example of the link in bio page of Greenpeace Malaysia:

Greenpeace Malaysia NG link in bio page example

7. Encourage newsletter sign-ups

Your Instagram bio link is also great for expanding your newsletter mailing list.

By including a signup link in your bio and encouraging your customers to follow it via your posts, you’ll be able to deliver all your latest content to their inboxes directly.

To boost the number of subscribers, you can also offer an incentive, like an exclusive discount, promote the availability of your newsletter everywhere on Instagram, and direct interested users towards registering via the designated link found within your bio section.

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For all its usefulness, Instagram’s native link-in-bio feature is limited in many ways. For instance, you cannot add more than five links or any kind of visuals.

Because of that, you should rely on a purpose-built link-in-bio tool created by third parties for the sole reason of providing that much-needed functionality.

These tools allow you to create a custom landing page that can include as many clickable links as you want, thus turning it into your central hub for all important resources and accounts, including your social media, main websites, and resource links.

Here are our top three picks:

Let us introduce Feedlink: an all-in-one link in bio for small business owners that lets you create a .link page with a unique URL and tons of customization options.

First off, Feedlink functions more as a small website builder instead of a simple link-in-bio tool since it offers functionality such as a blog builder, Instagram scheduling and publishing tool, digital business cards, and an automatic social media newsletter.

In addition to hosting all your important links, you can integrate your social media feeds inside your Feedlink page. Don’t worry about updating them, too, since they automatically pull all the latest content from your social media and look great on any platform!

Don’t trust us? Sign up for a 7-day free trial and check out all of its free and premium features, such as a larger desktop layout and advanced analytics.

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2. Linktree

Link in bio tool Linktree

Similar to Feedlink, Linktree allows you to create a personalized mini-website rather quickly that will house all your important links, from social media to content sites.

After you are done, you can simply copy over the ‘’ link to your social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

That way, you’ll effectively grow your customer base since you’d be giving them easy access to all of your valuable content with a single click and a single page.

Furthermore, Linktree offers insightful analytics to track and grow follower engagement, with the flexibility of both free and paid plans to suit different needs.

3. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio main landing page

Another way to supercharge your link in bio on Instagram is via Lnk.Bio—a quality tool that is extremely easy to use, lets you add multiple links, and includes a host of features.

To set up your Lnk.Bio page, you only need to log in via Instagram, add all the links you want, and get your unique URL—that’s it! Takes less than two minutes to do it!

You can also rely on thousands of icons for all the social media, music, and other content platforms and services you can think of. After all, you can add unlimited links.

Key takeaways

By adding links to your bio, you can maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram profile, increase your website traffic, promote special offers, showcase user-generated content, and show support for important causes. Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Your Instagram link-in-bio goes beyond driving website traffic since it’s a versatile feature that expands your reach and engagement.
  • You can guide your followers towards actions such as: discovering new content, taking advantage of exclusive offers, engaging with UGC, shopping at your store, registering for events or newsletters, and supporting relevant causes.
  • If you want to include more than five links and customize your link-in-bio page, you can rely on third-party platforms that supplement the default functionality.
  • Note that over 30 million Instagram users rely on link-in-bio tools; also, almost half of them come from the United States and two-thirds of all users are women.

However, to optimize the links you add to your Instagram account, you should typically create bio landing pages via tools like Feedlink, Linktree, or Lnk.Bio. That way, you can add as many links as you want and customize your bio page as you see fit!

Got some unanswered questions? Find the answers below!

What is the bio on Instagram?

An Instagram bio is a section on your profile page where you can input a brief description about you and/or your business. It’s located underneath (mobile) or next (desktop) to your profile image. Users and businesses typically utilize this feature to introduce themselves and share essential information with the public.

You can easily find the Instagram link-in-bio section of any profile by navigating to the corresponding profile main page and looking for the clickable link underneath or next to the profile page. However, since most profiles include more than one link, users must click on the ‘+’ icon to reveal the entire link-in-bio window.

To fill out your link-in-bio section on Instagram, simply navigate to your profile page via the Instagram app, tap ‘Edit profile’ > ‘Add link’ > ‘Add external link’. Finally, simply copy the link in question and type in a title for it. Note: you can only add up to 5 links at this moment.

The term “link in bio” on Instagram refers to the URLs that are accessible through a user’s profile. These links typically lead followers to either a website or business page, providing essential details about the company and its products.

Yes, as of right now, Instagram allows you to add up to five links in Instagram bio. To add more than that, you need a special link-in-bio tool such as Feedlink, Linktree, or Lnk.Bio—all of which allow you to design a landing page for all your links.

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