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What Does Link in Bio Mean on Instagram By 10 Experts

Learn what does link in bio on Instagram mean and 10 reasons why you should use it in 2024.

Nikola Bojkov Posted by Nikola Bojkov in Link In Bio 16 min read

Learn what doesn't link in bio mean and 10 benefits

Most social media platforms do not provide links in their captions. This is why people need alternative ways to add links to their content so they can gain traffic or sell products on external pages.

The ability to add external links is also limited on platforms like LinkedIn, mostly because the algorithm prefers posts that do not include links.

So all these limitations have led to the birth of a new product category called – the link in the bio page.

Link in bio page creator

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If you have ever wondered what it means when somebody says click for more in my ‘link in bio,’ you are at the right place.

Link in bio was most probably invented by Instagram users who can’t add an external link to their Instagram posts. But they can add a link to their Instagram account. That is why you will need to visit their Instagram profile and click the link, which is located below the bio section.

In short, a Link in a bio is a clickable URL that is placed within the bio section of a social media profile, such as Instagram, TikTok, and even Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It is a simple link where brands share links to other social media profiles, add lead magnet or redirect to other external web page.

Additionally, product companies mostly use their social media to promote their product collection and use the Link in the bio to add clickable links to the pages where people can buy the products.

This is very easy. Just log in to your Instagram profile page and follow the steps below. These are the steps for the Instagram mobile app.

Step 1: Tap to Edit your Instagram profile

Go to your page or open the Instagram app and tap the ‘Edit profile’ button.

Add link in bio on instagram step 1

In the Edit profile page, tap Links and follow the steps to add more links to the profile.

Tap links to add link in bio on instagram step 2

To add the URL just tap the external link at the top of the Links page and fill in the URL and Title of the link:

Steps to add external links in Instagram

Note: Editing the website URL in the link in the bio on a desktop is not available at the moment. If you try to edit it, you will see this message:

“Editing your links is only available on mobile. Visit the Instagram app and edit your profile to change the websites in your bio.”

Follow the steps to include multiple links on your Instagram profile:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the ‘Edit profile’ button.
  2. On the profile page, tap ‘Links
  3. Next, tap ‘Add external link’
  4. Type the URL and Title (that will appear as a call-to-action anchor) of the link and tap Done.
  5. To add more links, tap again ‘Add external link’ and type the URL and Title.

The links will appear as shown below:

Steps to see multiple links in Instagram bio

LinkedIn has its own version for links in the bio, and it’s called ‘Visit my website’ or link in the introduction section. The difference with link in bio is that followers don’t need to go each time to the profile page and look for the link in the LinkedIn introduction.

Instead, this link appears below the name of the user in every post they publish – see below:

Example of visit my website link on LinkedIn

To get this link, you will need to be on the Premium plan, but you can still add another website URL in the Contact info area.

Here are more details how to add LinkedIn ‘visit my website’ URL

Similar to the Instagram bio, TikTok also provides space for creators and brands to write about themselves and use the space to add a link to the bio landing page.

Here are the steps to add a link to TikTok bio:

  1. Go to your profile and tap Edit profile;
  2. On the profile page, tap on the website field;
  3. In the next screen, just type the website URL;
  4. Tap Save.
Add link in bio website in TikTok

That’s it. Please note that you need to have a significant number of TikTok followers in order to get the website field in your TikTok profile.

Here are the 3 tools that can help you create a link in bio page:

Of course, the best is to use a link in the bio tool specifically to create a dedicated link in the bio page, which has powerful functionalities compared to owning a conventional web page.

With tools like Feedlink, you can add unlimited links, even in the free version, tag Instagram posts with your best-selling products, or post links that will embed the Calendly calendar, create event blocks, or embed YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Link in bio page creator

The paid plans include adding entire feeds from TikTok and LinkedIn, scheduling content to publish on Instagram, and automatically adding links to the posts synced on the bio page.

Build a Custom Landing Page on Your Website

Some companies do not want to host their page on another tool and use a web builder for their website.

Also, if you prefer more control and branding, consider creating a custom landing page on your website dedicated to visitors coming from your bio link.

Wordpress builder

Use your website builder or CMS (like WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix) to design a page that reflects your brand, includes your most important links, and offers a clear call to action. This method also improves traffic to your site and can be beneficial for SEO.

Canva has created a website editor, allowing users to easily create their own web pages.

Many creators started using Canva not just for their social media but also for the ability to list their important links in a link in bio look-alike page.

Here is an example:

create a link in bio page in Canva

Exploring the multifaceted advantages of link-in-bio tools, we’ve gathered insights from ten business leaders, including founders and CEOs. They share their experiences, ranging from boosting direct sales with visual links to refining the marketing funnel for an enhanced user experience. Discover why your brand could benefit from this simple yet powerful tool.

  • Boost Direct Sales with Visual Links
  • Enhance Post Aesthetics and Professionalism
  • Consolidate Digital Presence with One Click
  • Maximize Engagement with Multiple Destinations
  • Streamline User Journey to Centralized Hub
  • Facilitate Access to Mental Health Resources
  • Customize Links for Better Conversions
  • Increase Event Registrations and Inquiries
  • Track Data for Marketing Attribution
  • Refine Marketing Funnel for User Experience

As the proud owner of Rad UTV Parts, I’ve leveraged a link-in-bio tool extensively to encapsulate the essence of our adventure-driven brand into a single, easily navigable platform. This tool has been instrumental in converting our social media engagement into tangible business outcomes, particularly in an industry where visual motivation drives action.

Robert Resz, Owner, Rad UTV Parts

By directing followers from our high-adrenaline Instagram posts and stories straight to a curated selection of our latest off-road gear and accessories, we’ve seen a significant uptick in web traffic, with a 25% increase in direct sales within just a few months of implementation.

Moreover, given the nature of our products, which often require detailed descriptions and compatibility explanations, the link-in-bio tool has allowed us to offer a layered yet streamlined journey for our customers. For example, using this tool, customers can go from viewing a high-action video of a UTV sporting our latest suspension kit on Instagram, directly to a page with in-depth product details, installation guides, and compatibility lists. 

This seamless transition not only enhances the customer experience but also significantly reduces the friction typically associated with navigating from social media to an external website. The direct result has been not just in sales but in fostering a strong, engaged community around our brand, validating the invaluable role a link-in-bio tool plays in bridging the gap between content engagement and customer conversion.

2. Enhance Post Aesthetics and Professionalism

The link-in-bio is not just necessary on Instagram but can genuinely make your posts cleaner. This may sound a bit shallow, but there is something that sticks out about a link in the center of your writing, and it can be fairly distracting.


I think the way to manage this is to really think about where the link sits. If it naturally fits at the bottom of the piece of writing, then this is less of an eyesore, but if the link is more natural halfway through the piece of writing, this is where ‘(Link in bio)’ can be a much more attractive alternative. It communicates clearly to the reader without interrupting the flow of the writing.

Brett Downes, Founder, Haro Helpers

Aside from the writing flow, this can be a smarter way to present articles due to their general length—nobody wants to see the random assortment of numbers and letters that can come at the end of the types of links, so this is just a more professional way to display them.

You can also look into building something like a LinkTree, and this will allow you to keep sharing a multitude of useful links for as long as you need.

3. Consolidate Digital Presence with One Click

In my role as the founder and president of Raincross, a web design, development, and digital marketing agency, I have seen the transformative impact a link-in-bio tool can have on a brand’s digital strategy. 

One powerful aspect is its ability to consolidate a brand’s digital presence, effectively acting as a digital business card that connects users directly to a brand’s most important online spaces with just one click. This simplicity is key in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where capturing and maintaining audience attention is paramount.

For instance, we once leveraged a link-in-bio tool for a local boutique that was struggling to translate their social media activity into actual foot traffic and online sales. By curating a set of direct links that led users not just to their online store, but also to a page detailing their in-store events and an exclusive discount page for followers, we created a seamless bridge between their Instagram presence and their revenue-generating actions. 

Kevin Watts, President & Founder, Raincross

The result? A 30% increase in online sales and a noticeable uptick in event attendance within the first three months post-implementation. This showcased not only the potential for immediate revenue growth but also the opportunity to deepen engagement with their customer base.

Moreover, analyzing data from the link-in-bio tool provided us with actionable insights into which types of content and offerings were driving the most engagement and conversions. This allowed us to refine our strategy in real time, focusing on high-impact activities that aligned closely with the brand’s goals and audience interests. The ability to quickly pivot and adapt based on real, measurable user interaction is a game-changer in digital marketing, making a link-in-bio tool an invaluable asset for brands looking to thrive online.

4. Maximize Engagement with Multiple Destinations

A brand should use a link-in-bio tool to drive traffic to multiple destinations from their social media profiles. I’ve personally used this tool to maximize the effectiveness of my Instagram bio link.

Daniel Florido, Chief Web Development & Director, Pixelstorm

You can direct followers to various important destinations, like websites, blog posts, product pages, and promotional offers, with the link-in-bio tool. It lets you provide a streamlined experience for the audience, making it easier for them to access relevant content. In my case, I saw increased engagement, website traffic, and conversions.

Additionally, it provides valuable insights into which links were most popular among my audience, enabling me to optimize my marketing strategies effectively. Overall, using a link-in-bio tool helped me enhance my brand’s online presence and drive meaningful results from my social media efforts.

5. Streamline User Journey to Centralized Hub

With over two decades of experience in customer service and spearheading my company, OneStop Northwest LLC, I’ve seen firsthand the significance of cohesive branding and efficient communication tools across various business scales. Utilizing a link-in-bio tool simplifies the user journey by leading prospects from the diverse and often segmented world of social media directly to a centralized hub that showcases all critical services and offerings.

Through implementing such a tool, we’ve noted a marked increase in streamlined inquiries and service engagement, resulting in a more refined and effective lead funnel. For example, after integrating a link-in-bio on our social profiles, one of our campaigns resulted in a 30% increase in completed service questionnaires, a critical step in our client onboarding process. Each link served as a focused path to specific sections of our service, whether that was corporate branding, SEO optimization, or project management tools for startups. 

Dylan Cleppe, Co-Founder & CEO, OneStop Northwest LLC

This not only improved our internal metrics but also provided a clear, direct line of communication with potential clients who appreciated the tailored approach and ease of access to the information they sought.

6. Facilitate Access to Mental Health Resources

Having founded Stay Here, an organization deeply rooted in mental health awareness and suicide prevention, my work revolves around creating and distributing content that reaches a wide, diverse audience. The utilization of a link-in-bio tool has been transformative in our efforts. It allows us to efficiently consolidate our resources, from engaging content across social media platforms to critical links for immediate mental health support and suicide prevention training. This tool has essentially streamlined the process for individuals seeking help or information, directing them to where they can find the support and community they need with minimal barriers.

Our experience showed a notable increase in engagement with our mental health guides and resources after implementing the link-in-bio tool. For example, after directing our social media followers to our ACT training and TheHopeLine partnership through our link-in-bio, we observed a 30% uptick in participation rates.

Jacob Coyne, Founder, Stay Here

This improvement wasn’t just in numbers but represented a real-world impact where more individuals accessed the help they needed promptly. This tool has not only enhanced our outreach effectiveness but has also substantiated the importance of simplicity and accessibility in facilitating aid for those in distress, underscoring the profound impact technology can have in the mental health sector.

Some of the benefits of using a link-in-bio tool for a brand include increased traffic and engagement, better conversion rates, and improved user experience. One reason why a brand should use a link-in-bio tool is because it allows for easy customization and organization of links. This is especially helpful for businesses with multiple products or services, as they can direct their audience to specific landing pages or campaigns with just one link. 

In my personal experience, I have seen a significant increase in website traffic and sales after implementing a link-in-bio tool for my business’s Instagram account. By directing followers to specific product pages, instead of just the main website, it has made it easier for them to make purchases and has resulted in higher conversion rates. 

Mandy Murry, Founder & CEO, Independent Hotel Consultant

Moreover, using a link-in-bio tool has also improved the overall user experience for my followers. They no longer have to scroll through my feed or click on multiple links in my bio to find what they are looking for. This has not only saved them time but has also made them more likely to engage with my brand and make purchases. 

Overall, a link-in-bio tool is a valuable asset for any brand looking to improve their online presence and drive conversions. It simplifies the process for both the brand and its audience, resulting in a win-win situation. I highly recommend utilizing this tool for anyone looking to enhance their brand’s marketing strategy.

8. Increase Event Registrations and Inquiries

A link-in-bio tool is indispensable for businesses aiming for targeted audience interaction. Implementing it on our social platforms led to a 25% increase in event registrations and a 15% rise in product inquiries.

Daniel Lynch, President & Owner, Empathy First Media

This tool transforms our social profiles into dynamic touchpoints, guiding our audience to relevant content and promotions.

The seamless navigation not only improves user experience but also significantly contributes to our conversion rates and overall business growth.

9. Track Data for Marketing Attribution

One of the main reasons you will want to utilize a link-in-bio tool is for data tracking. In Google Analytics, you can parse out your website traffic based on where a website visitor came from, including social media. This allows you to properly attribute tracking (and sales or conversions) to their original source. 

John Sammon, CEO & Founder, Sixth City Marketing

Without using a tool that allows you to add specific website links to your social profiles, you are potentially losing this data because if everyone is coming to your website directly, it’s harder to quantify your various online marketing campaigns, whether they be on social media or anywhere else.

10. Refine Marketing Funnel for User Experience

Link-in-bio tools are a great way for brands to help filter leads to different areas of their site. Not every lead is going to want the same thing, and that means you’re not going to be able to convert as many leads by simply including a link to your homepage or your most recent blog post in your bio. 

Lauren Carlstrom, COO, Oxygen Plus

By understanding the different customers that you have, and through the use of a link-in-bio tool, you can create a more refined marketing funnel and a better user experience. Your different leads will be directed to the areas that appeal to them in particular, and this may just help you build stronger relationships with them from the start and convert more of them into loyal customers.


So what does link in bio mean in 2024? Is it the same as before, or does it have a different meaning?

It is mostly the same but with the twist of LinkedIn coming into the game – providing their own version for links in bio, with call-to-acton phrases.


Yes! This is the main reason content creators add a link in their Instagram bio so they can make provide a clickable version of every Instagram post and add external links to drive traffic to their website.

Yes. Instagram has clearly stated they won’t make the option to add links in the Instagram post captions/ Currently, they only provide this option in Instagram stories, and the website filed in the Instagram profile is the actual option Instagram allows users to use for adding links.

Link in bio page creator

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Posted by Nikola Bojkov

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