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Changelog March: New Blogging Features

These new features will help you repurpose content you already have on LinkedIn, use AI to help you write faster, and distribute via email.

Nikola Bojkov Posted by Nikola Bojkov in New features 2 min read

New march features for Feedlink Link in Bio

Creating a blog with Feedlink is becoming much easier and more efficient.

We all write blogs, but using Feedlink as a small business owner will transform the way you write, distribute, and grow your blog.

The main focus of these new features is to help you repurpose content you already have on LinkedIn, use AI to help you write faster, and distribute content by sending it via email or posting immediately on Instagram – everything in one place.

Here is what’s new:

Convert LinkedIn posts into blogs

This feature leverages the content already published on your LinkedIn company page, making it a treasure trove for repurposing content. For businesses that actively share updates, events, or product launch photos on LinkedIn, this tool simplifies the process of enriching your blog with that content.

It’s particularly beneficial for demonstrating thought leadership, enhancing your website’s SEO with fresh content, and providing more value to your blog readers without the extra effort typically associated with content creation.

Send blogs in email

The ability to instantly email your blog post to subscribers upon publication streamlines the content distribution process.

This feature eliminates the need for a separate email marketing tool, saving time and resources. It’s ideal for keeping your audience engaged with the latest updates, thought leadership pieces, or product information, ensuring that your content reaches your audience in a timely manner.

Collect email subscribers in blog posts

Email newsletter subscription for blogs

Integrating an email subscription block directly into your blog posts offers a seamless way to grow your subscriber list. This tool is invaluable for capturing the interest of readers who find value in your content, allowing you to expand your reach and build a dedicated audience.

You foster a loyal community around your content by engaging these subscribers with new blog posts.

AI writing help

AI blog writing assistant

For content creators striving for perfection in their writing, this AI-assisted feature enhances grammar and sentence formulation. It’s a time-saver for professionals looking to produce high-quality content without the additional cost of other AI writing tools. This feature supports maintaining a consistent, error-free online presence, which is crucial for brand credibility and reader trust.

Email subscription gate to lock exclusive blog content

Lock content with email

Enhance your blog’s exclusivity and subscriber growth with our Email Subscription Gate feature. Before accessing certain blog posts, readers encounter a prompt to subscribe to your email list.

This feature turns your valuable content into a powerful tool for increasing email subscriptions, allowing you to directly engage with your audience and offer them more tailored, high-quality content.

Each of these features addresses specific challenges faced by content creators and marketers, offering solutions that streamline the blogging process, enhance content quality, and improve audience engagement.

By leveraging these tools, businesses can efficiently expand their digital footprint, reinforce their brand identity, and foster stronger connections with their audience.

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Posted by Nikola Bojkov

Co-founder of Feedlink, helping small businesses easily build their online presence, engage with their audience and grow their business.