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10 Examples of Link in Bio Pages for Real-Estate Agents on Instagram

Nikola Posted by Nikola in Link In Bio 12 min read

Link in bio pages for real estate agents

The link-in-bio page is your secret best friend if you use social media to grow your real estate business or market yourself as a real estate agent. This means that although you can’t link videos and photos on Instagram, you can add a clickable link in your Instagram bio so your followers and potential customers can find out more about your properties, portfolio, news articles, etc.

The main benefit of having a link-in-bio page is that you can easily manage it with your latest offers and use it as a crossroad to every particular offer page, thus giving your potential customers a simple place to navigate across your portfolio.

You can encourage people to move forward with their home-buying journey by providing insightful information and building trust and authenticity.

This blog post will provide real-life examples of how real estate agents and companies can use the link-in-bio page to succeed via social media.

link in bio on Instagram for real-estate

1. List of Properties

Real estate agents can share curated listings with their followers, links, and property videos using a social media account and the link-in-bio page. Visitors looking for a specific link can search your page instantly and check your bio. This is a chance for you to put a link and showcase your properties on it, opening an opportunity to convert them into clients.

You can put more links on the link-in-bio page that will transfer the viewers to certain property pages where they can check all the details about that property. It’s more like a list of real estate properties in one link, so this is an excellent idea to use a link-in-bio to achieve this.

Here is an example of how TheAgency re-uses the published images on Instagram to link to an actual listing that the mages or videos relate to:

instagram links to real estate properties

And finally, here is an example of a ready-to-use link-in bio template for real estate agents built with the Feedlink platform -that pulls listings from Instagram or TikTok posts and automatically syncs them.

Free template: Link to real estate link in bio template

2. Video Introduction

Do you remember what we said about building trust and authority on social media? Creating a video introduction about yourself and your real estate story can be beneficial in coming closer to your potential clients. Create a video where you introduce yourself, tell your “why” in starting as a real estate agent, and share some info about your journey as a realtor.

All this will help your potential clients know more about you and easily connect with you. Finding someone who will guide you through the process of buying a new home is not easy, so as a real estate agent, it’s crucial to make your potential clients trust you and collaborate with you confidently.

Check the example below how the link in bio video looks like:

video block in link in bio page

3. Redirect People to Landing Pages

More often, real estate agents redirect their potential clients to landing pages to collect their contact info before jumping into the offer. It’s essential for lead generation and retargeting interested followers with additional offers through email or SMS. In your link in bio, you can put a landing page where the interested viewers will leave their name, email address, and mobile phone before they open your website, property listing or similar.

Use their contacts to get in touch with them if they do not take further action, and contact them via email with specific property and special offers within a limited time. It’s a powerful strategy to return them back and put them in a line again.

Here is an example of how the agent Austin Williams uses the link in bio on Instagram to redirect to his Zillow landing page/profile:

redirect to Zillow

Additionally, some big real estate brands, such as Remax, provide agent profiles on their websites, and the agents use them as a link in bio pages. It is another simple way to provide contact information and the available listings, but the ability to edit these pages or customize them might be more difficult than having your own account with a link-in-bio page builder such as Feedlink. Here is an example

realtor link-in-bio

4. List of More Realtors

If you have a real estate agency and a team of professional realtors, use the link in bio page as an opportunity to connect potential clients with relevant real estate team members. It would be essential for you as a company owner to represent your team, show the “backstage” of your business, and connect with interested clients with your team.

A list of your realtors will be a good idea, so when viewers click on a specific team member, their profiles will pop up, including contact information and their available properties.

You can check the example of a link in bio page for real estate team members right below:

5. A Video Course For New Homebuyers

Many people ready to buy a new home don’t know anything about the home-buying process and how the real estate process works. More often, people get in local tax traps, face additional costs and pay high amounts of extra money for their new home. Also, some people can’t decide what home to buy and what would be their best long-term decision. As a real estate agent, that’s your chance to get in the game, providing a step-by-step video course or a guideline for buying a perfect-fit home.

Create a guide where you will explain all the home-buying tips and tricks, factors to consider and the expectations of the buying process. Include a clear explanation of the law terms, the administration process, and banking requirements as an essential factor in buying a property. List this guideline on all social media profiles you use in the link in the bio section, adding a clear CTA to make your potential clients’ lives easier. This is also important for building trust with your followers and beating the competitors, so keep that in your mind.

Here is an example of a video tutorial on a link in bio page on how new real-estate investors can star investing:

video course for new home owners in link in bio page

6. Redirect People to Useful Free Resources

Another link in bio use-case example for real estate agents is redirecting your followers to a free valuable resource. Whether a free eBook, home buying cheat sheet, blog guide or a video course, giving something valuable for free is crucial for converting your followers into clients.

For example, you can create a short blog post that advises buying a perfect home matching your budget. Include interesting infographics, easy-to-consume content and a call to action at the end so people can move forward with their home journey with you. Upload this guide on your website or blog and put the link in the bio section where your followers can open it up.

Use the same scenario for a specific eBook or a short video course, and give away free and valuable resources to your followers. It would be beneficial for building strong customer relationships and driving more clients as a real estate agent through social media profiles. Here is an example of it:

how to tutorials on a link in bio page

7. List of Contact Channels

The link in the bio page for real estate agents can serve as a central place to list your contact information and all communication channels in use. Real estate agents should use multiple communication platforms to increase their chances of being in touch with clients differently. So, try to list them in your link in bio where your social media followers can easily find them and quickly contact you.

You can include other social media profiles, your business email address, Whatsapp phone number, etc. When your followers click the link in the bio section, they will find your contact info and use it to start a conversation with you about their new home.

A clear example of this scenario follows:


Real estate agents usually catch the wave of increased property selling when they offer special offers and property prices for a specific time. Social media is a win-win situation, allowing you to notify your followers about property price negotiations, introduce some featured homes and ask interested buyers to contact you.

The link in bio perfectly matches this use case, showing real estate with a special clickable listing. Add a few items with decreased prices and a call to action, and wait for the right buyers to come up. If you are on Instagram, use the IG story to notify the audience about your link in your bio, or put the same URL address in the clickable link sticker. Also, you can create a carousel feed post and list the properties together with a call-to-action about your link in bio.


9. Provide an Interactive Survey

Social media is a fantastic lead-generation tool; businesses from all niches should benefit from it.

Lead generation for real estate agents is essential, too, as building a list of interested clients can be used for additional retargeting. One of the most creative ways to use the link in the bio for it is to redirect them to a quiz or survey.

Create a quiz with interesting multiple-choice questions about their future home, the budget and some home details. Require them to provide an email address to get the questionnaire results in the form of your property recommendation or similar listing.

This is the moment where you collect their contact info and use it later for future offers or getting in touch with them. This is a similar scenario to the landing pages. Still, this time you interact with the potential clients, uncovering the details about their wanted home and getting a solution in their inbox for an easier decision. A link in the bio page for real estate agents is required, so put the URL in your profile bio for your followers to click on it. You can use EmbedForms or Google Forms for such a survey or similar survey-making tools:

link to real estate survey

10. Connect Instagram images to Listings

And finally and one of the most useful ways to connect Instagram to your external website or listings as a real estate agent is to use a link in bio page builder that will sync your posts on Instagram or TikTok and automatically add links to the external pages of that listings.

This is a simple way to have all the latest links from your social media posts so your followers can easily navigate your website.

Here is an example of a realtor profile linking the Instagram posts to their web pages:

real estate link in bio page with Instagram posts

If you want to create a page like this, continue below to learn about Feedlink and its powerful features to generate Instagram posts and link the to external links.

If you’re a real estate agent looking to optimize your social media presence, the Feedlink link in bio page builder might be just what you need.

Share Feedlink

This powerful tool allows you to create a custom landing page for your Instagram bio that showcases your listings, services, and contact information all in one easily accessible place.

With Feedlink, you can drive traffic directly to your website or lead capture page, increasing your chances of converting followers into clients. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to design and customize your page without any coding skills required.

For real estate agents, Feedlink will save tons of time due to the fact it can automatically detect if there is a link in the caption and apply that link on the page – saving the need to open the Feedlink page and edit it.

Give Feedlink a try and take your social media game to the next level!

Start with a pre-built template like this:


What does “click the link in bio” means?

When someone on social media says, “click the link in bio,” the content creator asks their audience to go to the profile and click the link attached in the profile bio section. This clickable URL redirects people to a link in the bio page where you can put different things, like real estate properties for sale, communication channels, special offers, etc.

Does every social media have link in bio option?

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc., provide a link option where you can put a clickable URL for redirecting your followers to other pages. If you want it to look professional, you can use link in bio tools and insert multiple links in one link in bio page.

How do real estate agents use the link in bio page?

Real estate agents usually use the link in bio feature to showcase other property listings in one place, offer special prices for specific homes, do lead generation, or redirect their followers to a survey.

Is there another option to put a link on my profile?

Not really. Many social media allow users to have one clickable link on their profiles: the link in the bio section. You can’t open a link if you put it in the post caption or the comments.

Key Takeaways

As social media becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, we must make the most of the tools available. Linking your bio on social media sites to your real estate website or other realtor profiles is a great way to achieve your goals, regardless of whether they are personal or business.

From increasing traffic to your property listing, selling real estate directly on the spot, to raising awareness of your company, the link in bio page for real estate agents brings many benefits. All you have to do is link to a functioning page and close the deal. And should you have multiple projects, don’t worry.

Remember to use these three tips, so you can make the most of your social media bio and reach your real estate goals:

  • The link in bio is your only clickable asset on your social media profile.
  • Use the link in bio page to redirect people to multiple pages in one place.
  • Promote your link in bio page to drive more traffic and convert more leads

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