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21 Instagram Post Ideas for Small Businesses in 2024

Are you a small business owner looking for creative Instagram post ideas? Use these ideas to boost brand presence and dominate the Instagram algorithm.

Dushko Talevski Posted by Dushko Talevski in Use Cases 19 min read

Post ideas for Instagram for small businesses

Are you a small business owner looking to enhance your user engagement on Instagram? It’s easy! All you need are a few powerful and creative post ideas!

Check out our curated list of the best post ideas for Instagram to get an idea of how to boost your brand presence and dominate Instagram’s algorithm.

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1. Showing your behind-the-scenes magic to Instagram users

Splash Media—a video marketing agency—shoots videos for businesses and then posts them across their own and their client’s social media.

However, the brand takes a unique behind-the-scenes approach that invites customers with its transparency and honesty to make them feel like they are sitting in the front seat of an exhilarating rollercoaster. Ultimately, such realness is incomparable.

This example showcases this approach the best since it shows the fun customers can have using the company’s services, plus the final product blows them away.

What we like about it: It’s not just a post—it’s a vibe. They show off their work culture, get people talking, and build buzz for what’s cookin’ in their business kitchen. It’s a great way to show some personality and keep the audience engaged.

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2. Customer spotlight: Featuring a loyal customer

Featuring a loyal and happy customer is another great Instagram post idea you can use for your business. See how Jimmy Max—an Italian restaurant—does it.

Great Instagram post ideas: Customer spotlight

They’ve decided to include a customer spotlight post in their Instagram feed strategy that showcases everyday customers, in this case, a pre-K3 student.

What we like about it: This is a great way to express appreciation for your customers since you are giving them their 15 minutes of fame. You can talk about their likes and dislikes and show the world that regular citizens love visiting your place of business. Plus, they’ll stay your loyal customer and spread good words about your brand.

3. Product in action: Demonstrating how your product works

Let’s look at an example from Huber Engineered Woods—a company that builds and sells innovative products for today’s construction challenges.

We’re big fans of this type of post on Instagram because it gives followers a backstage pass to see your product in real-life action. People just connect better when they can see a brand doing its thing. And it’s not just about flaunting the product but showing how it fits into their world.

It’s like saying, “Look, this is how it rolls, and this is how it can make your life a bit easier.” Simple, straightforward, and a great way to build customer trust.

What we like about it: The video is created on the go as the company’s professionals travel around and showcase their products in the real world. Remember: customers always want to see the real-life benefits of the products and services they are interested in purchasing.

4. Meet the team: Introducing your staff with fun facts

Art Mumbai is an art fair that brings art from all across the world (especially South Asia) and brings it to Mumbai. This institution helps over 50 galleries showcase their modern, contemporary, antique, and indigenous art and put it up for sale.

Post on Instagram introducing your staff

As you can see from their unique carousel post on Instagram, they break the mold of “serious and uptight” art lovers and collectors by presenting their team with a few fun facts.

What we like about it: We’re totally on board with this type of Instagram marketing strategy because it’s like pulling back the curtain and saying, “Hey, we’re real people, too!” Consumers love putting faces on the brands they support, and showing the human side behind your brand injects a dose of familiarity and closeness with your company that humanizes your products.

5. Sharing your business’s origin story

Susannah Davda is a shoe consultant. What’s that? She uses her Instagram to help shoe startups grow their business by offering them various marketing courses.

Carousel post covering an origin story of a business

One day, she decided to tell the world how exactly one becomes a shoe consultant, which in itself is a fabulous Instagram post of several slides. When reading through, you feel like opening up a well-worn book and reading the chapters of a cozy life story.

What we like about it: By narrating your business’s origin story, you take your customers down memory lane so they can learn from the challenges you’ve faced and overcome and how to nurture the passion they have for their projects. All in all, it’s a personal, relatable, and multi-layered post that adds depth to your brand and helps you build long-lasting relationships.

6. Tutorial Tuesday: Step-by-step guide to using your product

Step-by-step tutorial as an Instagram post

Alexa and Emily—the duo behind tincanknits—have been creating free step-by-step knitting guides for a while now, and they offer them to everyone on Instagram.

In one of their more recent tutorials, they used the hashtag #TutorialTuesday to showcase the stitch-by-stitch basics of how to knit stranded colorwork (also known as Fair Isle style). It’s simple, valuable, and gets you hooked on this fantastic hobby.

What we like about it: It not only demonstrates functionality but also solves the mystery of “how do I use this thing?” It’s customer empowerment in action. You can also add an instructional video, trying to make it as easy as possible for followers to learn how to repeat the action.

7. Local love: Highlighting collaborations with other businesses

Instagram story covering a future event

The Soaphouse and Flower Tales are Greek businesses that sell handmade soaps and embroidery art, respectively. Well, they have decided to join forces to fight the good fight of saving the environment together through a collaborative project called “There’s no Planet B”.

Both businesses share this vision as their products are environment-friendly—natural soaps, low waste, reusable bags, etc. You get the idea.

What we like about it: Highlighting collaborations with nearby businesses on Instagram is a stellar post idea because it’s all about celebrating local connections. At the end of the day, it’s an excellent way to showcase the awesome things happening in your neighborhood.

Collaborating with nearby businesses is a win-win: you share the spotlight, cross-promote, and bring a sense of community to your feed. This is how you foster relationships and support each other. It’s a nod to the local scene, saying, “We’re part of something special together!”

8. Before & after: Showcasing transformations via your product

Before-and-after Instagram post of a product in action

Pete a.k.a. ph_gains is a certified online coach that helps people transform their bodies and get in the best shape of their life. See how he hit two birds with one stone here: He shares a before and after picture of a client while giving a shoutout with a client spotlight.

Sharing a “Before & after” on Instagram is a no-brainer. You’re telling a story but without words. The visual impact is enough to convey your message: your product works!

When your followers see the actual transformations, it’s not just about what you offer, but the real, tangible results. The proof is in the images themselves.

What we like about it: There’s something universally satisfying about a good before-and-after. Seeing tangible transformations creates a buzz, and people love a good glow-up moment. It adds a personal touch, showing the value of the product or service in a way that words sometimes can’t. It also gives the audience a glimpse into the positive changes you’re creating.

9. Sneak peek: Teasing a new product or upcoming event

Instagram video teasing a new product or upcoming event

Alice Brisland is the person behind Alice Brisland Design. She’s an artist, illustrator, and print designer, and her Instagram feed is full of gorgeous Instagram photos.

One of her latest posts gives a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2024, in her case new card designs and a creative 2024 calendar full of her best illustrations.

People love a little anticipation, right? It’s not just about showcasing, but building excitement, sparking curiosity, and creating a buzz. A sneak peek is a virtual wink that says, “Hey, there’s something cool coming your way, and you’re the first to know.”

What we like about it: It adds a dash of mystery, keeps people’s feed dynamic, and turns your audience into eager insiders ready to jump on board when the big reveal happens. In the example above, Alice gently teases her audience with her new card designs and urges people to subscribe to her mailing list to learn more.

10. Reflecting your business’s mission and values

Post showcasing the values of your own brand

Sharon is an upholsterer that transforms furniture with beautiful fabrics. We came across her Instagram account, vintique_upholstery, where we found a post in which she talks about her mission and core values, with which we agree wholeheartedly.

Sharing your business’s values or mission on Instagram is like laying your cards on the table. It’s a declaration of who you are going beyond your products and services.

In effect, it’s a handshake with your followers, saying, “This is what matters to us, this is what makes us tick”, which adds depth to your brand.

What we like about it: Expressing your values on Instagram builds a sense of trust since it’s not just about showcasing a polished image, but being real and transparent. This ongoing dialogue creates a narrative that resonates, turning passive scrollers into engaged community members who share your vision and mission.

11. User-generated content: Sharing happy customers’ photos

Sharing the UGC of your Instagram audience

Bits_n_bonnets—a small NZ boutique store that designs and sells bonnets for—hold it—horses has a very specific target audience: horse owners. These people love seeing and showing off their horses wearing these bonnets so the brand decided to profit off that.

Essentially, the shop shares photos of horses wearing its stylish bonnets across their social media channels, primarily Instagram. The customers themselves create these photos and happily share them with the brand. Is there a better brand confirmation of quality?

What we like about it: This type of UGC is not only popular but very effective. It effectively helps you turn your customers into the stars of your show. Sharing their photos adds authenticity and builds a sense of community. It says: “Hey, you’re not just customers. You’re part of our story, and we appreciate you!”

Note: You must learn how to repost on Instagram if you are planning to reuse the content created by your fans.

12. Day-in-the-life: A day at your business location

Next, let’s take a look at this example from thelanway. She’s an Atlanta-based braider who offers not just braiding services but also classes and consultations.

The reason we’re gung-ho about this post on Instagram is because it gives the followers an all-access pass. It’s not just a peek behind the curtain, it’s an open invitation to their daily hustle. That way, customers know what to expect when they visit her place of business.

What we like about it: Sharing a typical work humanizes your brand and puts a face to your products and services. All in all, it’s relatable since it showcases the people and passion that drive your business. From morning coffee rituals to end-of-day wins, it adds a personal touch, making you more than just a business: it shows you as a genuine down-to-earth team.

13. Expert tips: Sharing industry insights or advice

BELLAMI Hair Professional is one of the most recognizable hair extension brands in the world, and they have a social marketing team that knows their business!

For instance, to increase trust in their brand, they chose to show off their expertise via educational videos showcasing expert tips and tutorials. In this video posted on Instagram, the team shows its followers how to apply a hidden bead weft install.

What we like about it: They are handing out golden wisdom nuggets free of charge. Not many brands do that, and if you jump on this trend train, you’ll surely increase your following soon enough. Plus, you’ll position your brand as an authority in your niche. It’s a win-win situation really: your followers will get useful tips, and you’ll boost your reputation.

14. Customer FAQs: Answering customer questions

An educational Instagram post answering customer FAQs

Molekule air creates fantastic purifiers that destroy harmful particles and keep your air clean. However, such advanced technology often stumps regular customers so the brand regularly answers their customers’ FAQs on their Instagram profile.

What we like about it: By answering common questions, you show your customers that you’re tuned in to their needs: it adds a layer of customer care to your online presence, making it easy for your followers to get the info they need. Nothing says better “We’ve got your back, 24/7—ask away, and we’ve got the answers!” like answering FAQs in advance.

15. Promoting limited-time offers

Now, let’s check out why this next example from Natalia Bonner—a talented artist—has caught our eye. First of all, she does it all: quilting, writing, teaching, and more! Secondly, she is offering educational services for little to nothing to teach the public how to do it like her!

So when she posts about her biggest sale of the year, her followers get excited immediately! That’s what one of her latest posts showcases: access to her PNQ Academy and various exclusive videos meant to teach viewers advanced quilting skills. However, she also locks the offer behind a time limit to make it more appealing to her customers out of fear of missing out.

What we like about it: This post is a sort of virtual invitation to a time-sensitive party. Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency, nudging your followers to take action. Whether it’s a discount, an exclusive product, or a flash sale, it adds a thrilling element to their scroll. It also boosts engagement and encourages impulse buying.

16. Motivational Monday: Starting the week with positive vibes

Post photos with motivational messages for your followers

The next post we’ll look at is a motivational piece of content posted by Hemingway Lane Candles & Gifts. This brand creates products that allow its buyers to relax, unwind, and enjoy their lives, so their posts are along the same lines to spread joy and good vibes.

As a small business owner—and a human being—she, too, knows that sometimes we all need a little pat on the back or a bit of supportive vibes. Her post is an excellent example of how a business can be humanized and connect on a deeper level with people.

What we like about it: Motivational posts like these are like sharing a virtual cup of coffee and a high-five with your followers. Aimee’s post isn’t just about motivation, it’s a friendly reminder that we’re all in this together. It adds a dose of positivity to her feed, setting a good vibe for the week ahead. It’s just a great way of telling her audience “We can tackle the week together!”

17. Success stories: Sharing testimonials or case studies

Tagging friends and followers on Instagram to showcase their success stories

MyCaptain is a business analytics, digital marketing, content writing, and UX/UI design brand that transforms careers every day. Such a company relies on customer testimonials to showcase the quality they offer to their potential customers.

That’s the type of example we’ll show you here: a case study of Soumavo, one of their applicants, who decided to pursue his passion to become a co-founder of a finance educational company with the help of MyCaptain. The post shows all the steps of his journey.

What we like about it: It gives solid proof that the product works. But here’s the thing, by sharing a success story of one of their students, they’re not tooting their own horn, but rather presenting their satisfied customers as the real heroes. Sharing their testimonials or case studies adds a layer of authenticity, showing that what they offer makes a positive impact.

18. Community engagement: Participating in or hosting local events

Post that gets more engagement out of your community by showcasing audience participation

The Villages is a real estate company located in Florida on a mission to create the best retirement community in the U.S. To show off the benefits of such a community, The Villages regularly organizes workshops and local events for potential customers.

That’s the main topic of one of their more recent posts, they organized a holiday event during which visitors could listen to good music, win prizes, grab snacks and drinks, take photos with Santa and the Grinch, and much more, and their post included all the details.

What we like about it: Here it’s not just about business, it’s about being a part of the local tapestry. Their pajama party with a DJ is just so cute and inviting, we wish we could attend. This is what being involved in the community is all about. And sharing that involvement or hosting events adds a dash of community spirit to your feed.

19. “Thank you” posts: Expressing gratitude to your customers

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer manages the Balzer Designs Instagram page, on which she showcases her artistic talent and offers her printmaking, painting, and collage-making services.

The reason we chose her post is because it’s a welcoming and warm appreciation of all the purchases her followers made throughout the year. There’s no better way to say “thank you” than with a video showcasing all the good work you’ve done for your loyal customers.

What we like about it: Expressing gratitude adds a personal touch to your feed. It’s a way of saying, “Hey, you’re not just transactions; you’re the backbone of what we do, and we’re truly thankful for each one of you.” If you want to send a digital equivalent of a warm, sincere hug, follow Julie’s steps and share a customer appreciation post.

20. Milestone celebration: Commemorating your business achievements

Alex Cattoni is an entrepreneur and founder of the Copy Posse, a school for copywriters and marketers. Her mission is to train applicants to provide high-quality, modern, and captivating copy.

The reason we chose her post is that we couldn’t resist the energetic vibe it exudes. It’s like she’s throwing a party and inviting her followers to join in the fun. This way, it’s not just about Alex and the Posse, but rather a shared victory lap.

What we like about it: Celebrating milestones is a way of saying, “Look how far we’ve come, and you’re a part of this journey!” It adds a dash of nostalgia, reinforces your journey’s narrative, and makes your business feel like a community accomplishment. Plus, it’s an opportunity to express gratitude to your supporters and keep the positive vibes rolling.

21. Create a puzzle: Engaging your customers the fun way

Last but not least, let’s check out Casper—a shopping and retail brand that offers various bed, mattress, and sleep-related products. Well, they often engage their fans via puzzles posted on their Instagram feed.

This post, for instance, contains three separate images with visual cues that translate into one final term related to their business. Can you solve it?

What we like about it: Well, this kind of post helps the audience pause and take a breather. After all, we all need to take a break from our busy lives now and then. Otherwise, we burn out! Moreover, this post promotes relaxation as it engages your critical thinking skills. Plus, the cute graphics, animations, and sounds help a lot towards that goal.

Conclusion: Creative Instagram posts boost your business!

Hopefully, the fantastic Instagram stories and post ideas you found in this blog post will help you adjust your social media strategy to offer more unique content. After all, once you schedule Instagram posts that share user-generated content, you will see benefits almost instantly.

At the end of the day, the key to successful Instagram marketing lies in authenticity and creativity, so don’t be afraid to experiment with everything from posting a carousel post about your history to offering behind-the-scenes content from your products and services.

That way, you’ll build a stronger connection with your audience, enhance your brand’s narrative, drive meaningful engagement, and watch your presence flourish!

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What are some Instagram post ideas?

Think about sharing behind-the-scenes content to give a personal touch, or reposting user-generated content to engage your community. Educational posts, inspirational quotes, and high-quality photography are also great. Highlighting products, hosting polls, and responding to seasonal trends can keep your content fresh and engaging.

What posts are best for Instagram?

The most successful Instagram posts usually feature high-quality visuals and authentic content that connects with the audience. Interactive elements like polls and storytelling aspects can greatly increase engagement. Maintaining a consistent theme or aesthetic in your posts can also help in building a recognizable brand identity on the platform.

What makes a good IG post?

A good Instagram post combines striking visuals with content that resonates. It should be engaging, either through interactive elements or compelling storytelling, and should reflect a consistent style or theme to strengthen your overall brand presence on the platform.

Posted by Dushko Talevski

Content editor with extensive experience in helping small business owners understand how to create their online presence, build websites and write useful blog posts.