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How Feedlink Helps Escape Room Geeks Drive Traffic to Their Website

Learn how Escape Room Geeks use Feedlink, the link in bio website builder to create a consolidated online presence.

Nikola Bojkov Posted by Nikola Bojkov in Success Story 3 min read

Success story by Escape Room Geeks

Escape Room Geeks has always prided itself on being at the forefront of providing immersive escape room experiences and sharing insightful reviews, tips, and industry news with a dedicated community of enthusiasts.

However, like many businesses with a strong digital footprint, we faced significant challenges in connecting our audience seamlessly to our content-rich blog and website. That’s when we discovered Feedlink, a platform that promised to streamline our digital outreach efforts.

Our journey before a constant search marked Feedlink for an efficient way to manage our digital presence. We aimed to make it easier for our followers to access our latest posts and updates without getting lost in the complexities of online navigation. The need for a platform that was not only powerful but also accessible to team members without deep technical knowledge was becoming increasingly apparent.

Feedlink came into our lives as a beacon of hope. Its straightforward design interface caught our attention, offering the simplicity we needed without compromising on functionality. The platform allowed us to quickly set up and manage our content, serving as a direct link between our audience and the wealth of information we wanted to share with them.

What truly set Feedlink apart was not just its user-friendly interface but also the level of support provided. Whenever we encountered a hurdle, the Feedlink support team was there to offer quick and effective assistance, ensuring our digital marketing efforts remained uninterrupted.

Here is an example of their email subscription block that allows the company to send am automated social media newsletter with the latest posts on Instagram and blogs.

Newsletter subscription block in Feedlink example

Since integrating Feedlink into our outreach strategy, the difference has been night and day. Our online presence has grown, with more of our followers engaging with our content than ever before. The ease of directing our audience to our blog and website has made our digital marketing efforts both easier and more impactful.

A heartfelt recommendation! To anyone looking to enhance their digital outreach and engagement, we cannot recommend Feedlink enough. Its efficiency, user-friendliness, and exceptional support make it a game-changer for businesses. Feedlink has not only helped us overcome our digital marketing challenges but has also allowed us to connect with our audience in a more meaningful way.

Feedlink has transformed the way Escape Room Geeks connects with the escape room community. Feedlink has proven to be an invaluable tool in our growth by simplifying our digital marketing efforts and improving our online engagement. We encourage others to explore how Feedlink can improve their digital outreach and engagement strategies.

Escape Room Geeks Feedlink Page

About Escape Room Geeks

Founded in September 2020, Smart Play DOO quickly emerged as a leader in the interactive entertainment industry with our innovative platform, Escape Room Geeks. Specializing in printable and digital escape room games, we have captivated audiences worldwide, boasting over 17,400 game sales and significant monthly website traffic.

Our dynamic management team—Nikola Gulevski, Andrej Vulgarakis, and Ivan Vulgarakis—brings together expertise in game design, digital marketing, and sustainable gaming to drive our company forward. As we expand into fully digital games, we remain committed to making immersive gaming experiences more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We are dedicated to redefining interactive entertainment with our engaging, innovative, and accessible games.

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Posted by Nikola Bojkov

Co-founder of Feedlink, helping small businesses easily build their online presence, engage with their audience and grow their business.