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GMO, EmbedSocial, and Nova Registry Partner to Bring Micro Websites to Japanese Users

Campaign with GMO

Embedsocial Japan Inc. is delighted to announce that GMO Internet Group Inc. has begun offering its link-in bio tool “Feedlink” to its ongoing campaign.

This campaign is a partnership between GMO, Nova Registry Ltd, the registry operator of .link, and EmbedSocial Japan inc.

This is the first highly affordable bundle of its kind that makes launching a website fast and easy.

EmbedSocial brings their link-in-bio product Feedlink to local users with localization and templates specific to the Japanese market. 

With this collaboration, GMO users and new businesses can create their own .link website powered by Feedlink without any technical setup or hustle. Users can quickly set up a micro website with all their links acting as a crossroad to all their social media profiles. 

It is the sole major link-in bio in Japan that permits the utilization of its own domain name, thereby making the URL name easily memorable. Furthermore, it is expected to contribute to disseminating personal information, augment product and service recognition of companies and brands, and promote purchasing behavior.

Additionally, the platform has integrations with Instagram and TikTok, enabling users to sync their latest posts from these platforms and add links to the images and videos without any manual editing. 

And with the help of Nova Registry, the operator of the .link top-level domain, they are now able to get their custom .link name at an incredibly discounted price.

“We are excited about this partnership as it allows us to bring our Feedlink product to more customers around the world,” said Marketing Manager Yuko Sakaguchi. 

 “By working together, we are able to provide our customers with a simple solution that enables them to create micro websites backed by our powerful tools quickly. I would like to congratulate GMO and Nova on the successful launch of this campaign and express our gratitude for their support. “

Yuko Sakaguchi, Marketing manager

“We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with EmbedSocial and Nova Registry on this new project.” said Yutaka Kirihara, Marketing director of GMO Internet Group Inc.

  “Our brand vision at is to enable our clients to share their messages through domains, and we have a sense of mission for this project. Our expectation is that this project will advance people’s awareness of the means and benefits of using domains in SNS, and create an environment in which people can deliver information more seamlessly.”

Yutaka Kirihara, Marketing director of GMO Internet Group Inc

Vaughn Liley, General Manager of Nova Registry, commented on the partnership, saying,

“The partnership between GMO, Feedlink, and Nova Registry is a fantastic opportunity to bring the link in bio tool to the Japanese market and empower users to take control of their online identity on social media. By using a custom .link domain for their link in bio profile, users can rest assured that their online presence is secure and reliable.” 

Vaughn Liley, General Manager of Nova Registry.

This bundle provides Japanese users with everything they need to get started creating micro websites backed by powerful tools from EmbedSocial and at an unbeatable price from GMO. 

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity – sign up today!

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